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This tiny patch is believed to be from gold remnants washed up east of the Rogue River from a large Lode in the east. This ethereal garden - like a place where an insect bites the Californian pitcher plant (Darlingtonia californica), which is mainly native to Northern California. Sometimes known as Cobra Lilly, this carnivorous eye-catcher has winged leaves that appear everywhere. You're sitting in a strange fantasy land where plants eat everything living, and it's all natural.

There is also a simply large population of nutrients, which are probably from Columbia Necanicum, Sanddollar colonies and some other species.

We offer a well equipped kitchen area and there are many amenities such as a fitness center, pool, gym, spa and wellness facilities. There are a number of hotel options listed on Expedia, some of which are more streamlined than others, but they couldn't be more rational.

The cottages are best suited for tourists who come in pairs, but additional pop-up single beds are available on request for more guests. If you prefer to be close to restaurants and shops in downtown Medford, there are a few more motels in the area. Stay at a hotel near the Portland International Jetport and get to the city center in less than an hour by car, bus or train. Our free shuttle service allows you to skip the taxi when you drive to Medford Airport, and we can take you from the airport to the city center by train or bus in about half an hour.

Although Eagle Point has no motels, there are several near the Portland International Jetport and several in Medford. If you are unable to behave in the parking lot of one of our downtown Portland hotels, please contact us for a free parking permit.

Known as the "Gateway to the Lakes," Eagle Point is home to more than 1,000 lakes, rivers, lakeparks and hiking trails and is one of Oregon's most popular tourist destinations. This motel is located on the east side of downtown Portland, near the Portland International Jetport and several in Medford. There are also several motels and hotels in Portland, as well as several in other parts of Central Point, such as Old Town Portland. Eagle Point, also known as the "Gateway to the Lakes," is a small town of about 2,500 people and covers a total of 2.5 square miles.

Activities during your stay here include hiking, fishing, camping and fishing, as well as feasts with local beer and cheese.

Take a hike and see the weather in Medford, Oregon with our local live weather camera. See the latest views from our 7 live webcams, as well as our weather from around the world, from Portland, Washington and other parts of the US and Canada.

Central Point Oregon hotels in Medford, Oregon with our local live weather camera and weather from Portland, Washington and other parts of the United States.

We'll show you the most mind-boggling dramas and some of the best views of Central Point and its surroundings. Watching from the top of Mount Hood (stay at least 100 feet back) will yield a stunning sight.

The Embassy Suites Hilton in Portland, Maine, is another popular place, but with its two-, three- and bathroom suites overlooking Mount Hood, it's worth a little more.

The lobby is very modern and has a modern lounge, but you will not feel at home with a solar heated pool, well equipped kitchen and a full service bar. Inside the entire house is a detached, bright, comfortable holiday home. Experience contemporary comfort with a large, modern living room, with high quality furniture such as a modern, well-lit desk to make you feel at home.

Just five minutes from the airport, this charming vacation rental brings you to the heart of Central Point, just a short drive from Portland International Airport. You will feel at home in your own home, with a full service bar, dining room, kitchen and private pool.

Ideally located near the entrance to Portland International Airport, this Portland, Oregon hotel offers convenient customer service. Web Cam in Oregon, and let your eyes revel in the beautiful sights of Medford and McLaughlin.

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More About Centra lPoint