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When I moved to the Eureka area in 1983, I was impressed by the region's evolving culture, and a variety of music was part of it. One name that kept popping up on entertainment lists was Bishop Mayfield.

SOMF will illuminate seven blocks of downtown Medford with 15 bands that will provide over 100 hours of entertainment in five different locations. Central Point Oregon is a 10-piece band that has been leading the local music scene since their first appearance on the Eureka scene in 1983. Since then, the band has performed at the Redding Music Festival, Oregon State Fair, and several other events. SOMF is illuminating the Medford neighborhood of downtown for the first time in more than a decade. Over 15 bands will perform over 10,000 square feet of live music and merchandise sales worth over $100 million over five days at 15 venues across the state.

Boise, Idaho's High Street Band, offers an energetic show, seasoned with a mix of blues, country, rock, hip-hop, folk and rock "n" roll.

Located in the heart of Central Point, Oregon's most popular tourist destination, visitors are captivated by its charming gardens, stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and picturesque views from the Rock Point Hotel. Originally built in 1864 as the Rock Point Hotel, the tasting room offers a rustic, warm atmosphere to sip wine. The property includes a wine cellar, wine bar, restaurant, bar and vineyard. Every year, tens of thousands of music lovers from all over the West travel to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the rock'n "roll music festival at the central point.

Festival Marketing Director Gwenne Wilcox added: "The festival is committed to embracing a more diverse music style, as our recent partnership with Leifying Records demonstrates, to attract a wider audience. One of those guitarists is Dave Storie, who also played in the musical melting pot that has been simmering in Humboldt County since the 1980s and continues to perform and collaborate with Mayfield. The program has only been around since 2011, but it is still one of the most popular events in Central Point's history.

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In 1972 Jack and Sue joined Gideon's International and began to distribute writings and share Gideon's work in churches. In the service of the Gidesons, they traveled through the state of Oregon and many parts of the USA.

Once a refuge for the Takelma Indians, the rocky mesas of Medford are now a refuge for hikers and endangered wildflowers. While traditional Dixieland and jazz formed the basis of the first festival, the Southern Oregon Music Festival has evolved into a multi-day festival of music, dance, food and entertainment that includes music from across the country as well as a variety of local and national artists. Located in the heart of Central Point, just a few miles north of downtown Portland, Britt presents dozens of summer concerts featuring local, regional, national and international artists in a variety of genres. Del Rio Vineyards and Winery is located in Central Oregon, about an hour south of Portland, and is home to one of Oregon's most popular wineries and vineyards. Britt is also located on the Oregon coast, just a short drive from Portland.

The course, which opened in 1996, has more than 1,000 courses, ranging from 5,091 yards to 7,099 yards. The city is located in central Oregon, about an hour south of Portland, just a few miles north of downtown Portland.

Much of the region is predominantly white, but the ethnic makeup of this city is much more diverse than it used to be. It is home to a large number of African Americans - Americans, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans.

The population is distributed along with the age group of the population: 14.2% are 65 or older and 16.5% are over 65.

More About Centra lPoint

More About Centra lPoint