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The world is facing a race reckoning, and unless universities actively participate in change, we will continue to be stuck in the past. Our student-athletes will demand strong leadership and accountability from institutions like the NCAA on social justice issues. They will use their platforms to demonstrate their activism and draw attention to social and racial injustices. Their voices are heard and their voices heard, not only in college sports but in society as a whole.

Richard E. Lapchick is director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida. He also chairs the UCF Institute of Diversity, Ethics and Sport, is president of an Institute for Sports and Social Justice, and a member of a number of national and international boards of directors and the board of directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett are the founders of Table Rock Sports and have been supporting athletics together in high school for 27 seasons. What started as a single Ashland Football radio show has evolved into live-on-demand coverage, broadcast live and on demand. Table Rock Sports began in 2009 when Ashland's High Grizzly Football was broadcast on AM 580, and has been the founder of Table Rock Sports for over 30 years.

A total of 496 events are now live-streamed, with more than 1,000 events in the past three years. In recent years, they have contributed to the coverage of Ashland High School, Medford High, Salem High School and Salem-Salem Middle School.

Since its inception in 1992, TRS has repeatedly returned money to the local community in the form of scholarships, grants and community service programs. No matter what the situation, they share the personal growth they receive through the sport and provide championship coverage for the OSAA through their provision.

We also know that the sports industry has historically taken a proactive approach to breaking the cycle of inequality and bringing about significant change. Although improvements have been made in the recruitment of women and men by race and gender, colleges and universities continue to fail in these areas. We have no doubt that greater diversity in university leadership would have an impact on the recruitment of head coaches. The reform our collegiate sports system needs can involve a diverse range of leaders.

Take a look at the latest Youth Sports Flyer and use this link to get to Central Point Sports Center on the east side of Rogue River Drive. Go 3 miles north to a parking sign and turn left at a sign pointing you to Fish Pond, go 1.7 miles, turn right onto Rogue River Dr. and go 2.5 miles south on Rogue River Road, then right onto River Road and then left on Riverside Road.

Cross the Rogue River at Cole M. Rivers and follow the sign to River Edge Park and take the next left onto ColeM Rivers. Dr. French Gulch is bedridden in low tide, but not at high tide.

Campsites in the county, such as River Edge Park and the Rogue River Campground on the south side of the Cole M. River.

Upper Squaw Lake offers fishing for wild neck trout and fishing from the jetty, while Lower Squaws Lake offers rainbow, neck, trout and warm water fishing.

The Applegate River is ideal for wading through well-defined holes with gravel bottoms that make it relatively easy to fish, and it has plenty of water to wade through. The App Delegate River has good water and a gravel bottom that makes it fairly shallow, but not as deep as other rivers.

Fishing fish and releases from fished and naturally produced trout are angled to catch and release them before they are lost to other species of trout, such as the lost - and - lost - ones.

Access to this website is from the east side of Butte Falls Road, on the left at Blackwell Rd. Gogo approximately two miles, then leave Buttes Falls / Prospect Rd and turn slightly left onto Butte Falls / Fish Lake Rd, or leave the opposite one and head south on Prospect Road.

After 4 miles, continue south on BLM 33 / 5 / 10, which begins where the road turns into gravel and after 5 miles, begins to cross the river in parallel. This road provides occasional access for the next 13 miles and connects to Prospect Road at the intersection of Prospect Rd.

After 1.8 miles, turn left onto Table Rock Rd, turn right onto Wetherbee Lane and drive up the hill to Fish Hatchery Park. After about 4 miles cross the bridge over the Rogue River into the park and turn left onto Averill Dr. Walk about 0.7 miles to the entrance of the park on the right, then turn south onto Prospect Road, go 1 / 8 mile and go up a hill and into the fish hatchery park.

More About Centra lPoint

More About Centra lPoint